To whom it may concern:

(In case this goes to anyone besides Theun)

Yes, I made this website and bought a domain just for you.

I don't even have my own website.

So I hope that the $10.87 for the domain was worth it...

And yes, this is a super cliché scroll-y website.

It has a lot of things wrong with it. Especially the colors.

I planned to programmatically generate colors, incrementing hues in the HSB color model.

Please don't look at the source code, or you won't want to hire me.

I have a lot of things that I want to tell you in a linear fashion,
but I didn't want to overwelm you in person with all of these lists and links…

Plus, I figured I'd forget to mention some things.

First, something serious - my last project.

I worked with Thumbtack to build their 2 iPhone apps.

For professionals

And for consumers

From start to finish. My boring LinkedIn profile explains more

Now, I'll share this personal detail…

I love photography, but have never considered it as a career path.

I still sometimes do ridiculous projects for fun.

Here's something from Burning Man 2012.

In case you're wondering why it looks so sharp and contrasty...

Very little post production (mostly just color adjustments in Adobe Lightroom)

I built a mobile photography studio to pull behind a bike trailer, using:

1000W/s photogenic monolight + beauty dish + 600W pure sine wave inveter
+ 35AH SLA battery + wireless triggers

Here's what that looked like. (best picture I could find quickly)

I love painting with light, and thinking about how photons bounce around in a scene.

It's probably why I've become so fascinated with computer graphics lately.

Working in an environment with video equipment nearby would suit me quite well.

With that silliness out of the way, let's get started…

First, some data points on me.

Lists will be in no specific order unless otherwise stated

I'm always trying to learn. Resources I'm currently using, or recently used:

More stuff in my iBooks that I find interesting (and have only skimmmed):

More, more, more... Some are references, some I've skimmed through:

Okay, enough.

I made these lists to give you an idea of my interests,
not to try to show off all of the cool books I know about!

I have been discovering and utilizing these resources
because understanding these things better makes me a happier person.

More things that I'm really interested (but not specialized/expert) in:

Sometimes I find it hard to keep up with all of the things I'm interested in,
and to keep track of when I deviate or stop caring about something so much.

So I started a project.

It uses data from my pinboard (social bookmarking service, similar to delicious)
to visualize how many bookmarks I've created for a particular tag.

It's not finished yet.

Here's the link.

Yes, it runs slow. More work to do in the profiler!

A raw (ordered) list of my top tags on pinboard can be found here.

Some other toys:

Lately I've been trying to study modern JS. Some thoughts:

Software Engineering Concepts that I value:

Creative Technologies that I think are really awesome, or at least interest me:

I have more things to share, but have ran out of time putting this thing together. We'll talk.

(ps, if you're interested in the domain we might be able to work out a deal.**)

**IF you give me a job...